Pole Barn Pictures

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These are pictures of pole barns built using our plans. Starting with a quality set of plans makes it easy for you to customize your plans to fit your needs!

PG243 Plans >>

The pole barn at the right is a 24'x30' Gable with 10' sides and a sliding barn door on the end.

With any of our plans you can easily change the wall height or door sizes and add windows, personnel doors, roll up doors or sliding barn doors.  Customize your barn to fit your needs!


      Pole Barn

 Pole Barn

<< PBS 152 Plans

Select the 15'x24' plans on the left for a simple shed roof pole barn.  The doors shown can be moved to the front or left out completely.  The windows are optional and so is the front side metal.  The front can be left open to give you a loafing shed.


PG12 Plans >>

One of my favorite all around versatile pole barn buildings is the 12'x18' gable on the right.  Great for general storage or small animals.  Makes a great workshop too.  Put the door on the end and use it as a garage! 

 Pole Barn


Looking for lots of space? Try this 32'x40' gable pole barn. Plenty of room for hay, a tack room, tractors and more.  The basic building shown can readily have doors and windows added wherever you need them most. Makes a super drive-thru building by adding doors at both ends